It’s not me. Its you. When working with clients, sometimes it can be easy to feel the need to appease them and accept behavior that you shouldn't. Unpaid invoices, unanswered emails and chronic lateness may seem like small offenses. But they add up. As a publicist, you can’t do your job well if the client doesn’t help you to get the best results possible. Here is how you respectfully and professionally end your professional relationship with a disengagement letter.

When sending a disengagement letter you want your tone to be firm yet professional. Don’t make it personal. Have a copy of their agreement handy so that you refer to it when listing the ways they are in breach of contract. Begin with an introduction thanking the client for trusting you to work on their account and then get straight to the reason why you have make the decision to end the professional relationship. If there are unpaid invoices, you want to be sure to make clear the amount owed and the work that you have continued to complete in that  period of time. Provide dates of outreach made, placements secured and past reports sent to show your work.

Make clear the amount of the outstanding and overdue fees/expenses and let them know that you will expect payment, in full on a specific date. Generally a month after receipt of the disengagement letter is standard but the terms can be worked out with the client.  Be sure to let the client know that out of respect to your other clients and your time you will not be able to continue to work with them.

Attach all of the unpaid invoices highlighting the dates they were sent.  Also include a monthly report of all of the work completed and what's pending. (That will show them the coverage they stand to lose when you close their account).

While it may be hard to “lose” a client, you are actually setting a standard on the type of business practices you will accept and making a reputation for yourself as  a business owner to be respected and properly compensated for your work.

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