In the public relations industry, building and maintaining strong relationships is key to your success. A great way to start to build those relationships, is to build trust with the people you work with. Most publicists change agencies every few years so it is super important to build relationships with other communication professionals. You ex coworker could be the very same person to connect you to a new client or even a new job. Here are FIVE ways to set yourself apart from the rest and set yourself up to win when you start a new job.

1. Get To Know Your Team

It can be difficult getting into the groove when you start a new job. Everyone already has their cliques and you feel like a complete outsider. Push through that stranger danger and get to know your team. Being able to gel with your co workers shows that you are easy to work with and makes collaboration on future projects a lot smoother. Build a relationship with everyone in the office by introducing yourself and letting them know how excited you are to work together. Ask them about the accounts they work on, how long they have been at the company, where they were previously and what they like to do for fun. Taking an interest in who they are will make them open up to you a lot easier and help you to feel right at home.

2. Welcome Constructive Criticism

When you are starting a new role, you are still learning and are bound to make at least a few mistakes. Don’t struggle in silence! Make sure you ask questions. Your co workers have been where you are so they get it. They will appreciate you wanting to get it right instead of having to waste their time fixing your mistakes. It shows your invested and that you want to be the best.

3. Take Initiative

Show leadership by taking initiative and adding valuable without being asked. If you see a chance to make a process  better, see a new business opportunity, spot a trend or know of a tool or service that would make procedures more seamless, speak up! Add value to your team by providing solutions and making sure your work is completed at the highest quality possible. Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready!

4. Find Your Lane

Assess the team and see where there are holes.  If you have experience in that area, offer yourself as a resource. Come prepared with suggestions and action items to present to the team. Once you become the go-to person, that allows you to have more control over strategy and add that project to your portfolio. Defining your clear value to your team is key!

5. Make The Company More Money

One of the most impactful ways to add value to a company is to bring in the money.  For publicists this means bringing new business leads into the office. When new clients sign on to become apart of the agency, you have clear, trackable way to show how you added valuable to the company. Stay on top of trends and new brands who are making waves and come up a strategic plan to bring them to your agency.

Use these tips to show how you are invaluable asset to the company and you will be promoted in no time!