Ok so I’ve already told you about the necessity and magic of the “thank you email” after the interview. You’ve done your research about the company, you’ve given direct eye contact and picked out the perfect outfit that says, “I’m professional, but I came to slay”. The hiring manager said they would get in contact with you within a week and you know you killed it. So why haven’t they emailed or called?

Don’t let the self-doubt creep in. The devil is a lie!!!! It’s not you. It’s them. No really—This is how you follow up and secure the bag.

Hiring managers have the immensely difficult job of interviewing all candidates, potentially having them come in for a second interview and narrowing down the perfect person for the job. So cut them some slack. Often times, once they have decided who they feel is the perfect fit, they have to get written approval from their boss and it goes through many levels before it’s a done deal. The process can be pretty complicated and lengthy.

That aside, your follow up game should be strong if you want to lock in that spot. The best and least stalker like way to follow up would be an email. Phone calls can cross over into overbearing territory real quick.

Don’t know how to sound excited for the opportunity and not annoyed/anxious at the same time? Don’t worry—I got you. Here is a template that you can customize and send out. Two follow-ups max! After that it might be time to move on because that may be a sign that the company isn’t organized and doesn’t communicate well. Who wants that headache?

So back to the template. The rules are pretty simple. Keep it concise, not overly emotional and express your interest in the role.

Hello (insert hiring manager’s name),

I hope all is well. It’s been a few weeks since my interview and I wanted to follow up with you to see if a decision has been made. I am still very interested in the role and enjoyed learning more about (the company/role/ a highlight from the interview). Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,

(Insert your name)

Ok, so you sent that out and after about a week you STILL haven’t heard back from them. You can send them one more follow up email. Same tone, but add in how you would love to hear back before you move forward with any opportunities. (letting them know you have other options is always a good thing. You are in high demand!).

Following up is major key when dealing with hiring managers. They are overwhelmed and you should remind them that you are excited to join their team. Persistence can set you apart from other candidates but don’t over do it. Happy job hunting!

With Love,