How To Break Up With Your Client, Professionally

It’s not me. Its you. When working with clients, sometimes it can be easy to feel the need to appease them and accept behavior that you shouldn't. Unpaid invoices, unanswered emails and chronic lateness may seem like small offenses. But they add up. As a publicist, you can’t do your job well if the client doesn’t help you to get the best results possible. Here is how you respectfully and professionally end your professional relationship with a disengagement letter.

5 Ways To Add Value & Secure That Promotion

In the public relations industry, building and maintaining strong relationships is key to your success. A great way to start to build those relationships, is to build trust with the people you work with. Most publicists change agencies every few years so it is super important to build relationships with other communication professionals. You ex coworker could be the very same person to connect you to a new client or even a new job. Here are FIVE ways to set yourself apart from the rest and set yourself up to win when you start a new job.

5 Tips To Producing PR Reports That Prove Your Worth

As publicists, we are given the responsibility to amplify brand visibility for our clients and craft creative pitches that connect to editors and their readers. Being sure to document the work that we do is key when speaking with clients about the progress of their campaign. A report filled with jargon and stats aren’t the best way to demonstrate your worth. Here are five tips to producing PR reports that will translate to your clients and prove why you are irreplaceable and worth that retainer fee!

4 Ways Publicists Are NOT Event Planners

Working as a public relations professional, it is always a struggle explaining what I do. I get everything from a manager to an agent and most often I get an event planner. I cannot count the amount of times I’ve been asked, “ Can you plan my party for me?” While being a publicist has several similarities with event planners, we are NOT event planners. Here are FOUR ways we differ.

Are You Ready To Hire A PR Agency?

So you are looking to hire a PR agency to work with your brand? You want to get your product or service in top tier media and take your brand to the next level? Seems simple enough right? Nah. Here are the SIX things you need to have in order before you approach a PR agency.

Having The "Rejection Talk" With Clients

If you are going to work as a publicist, you are going to have to get used to being rejected. You must learn quickly that no matter how well researched your media outreach list is and how strong your pitch, there is a great chance that you be either ignored or told no by journalists. While we as publicists we have learned not to take it personally, for our clients, it may not be so easy.

Secure. That. Bag.

So you have finally found your footing and landed your first “grown-up” job. You are working in the industry you always wanted to and have the perks of a corporate job. (Think health coverage and paid vacation time). You’ve been working really hard and are getting into the swing of things. You add value to your team and have been the source of a lot of the wins since your arrival. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yes. It’s time for a raise and/or promotion. I know I know, talking about money can be uncomfortable. What if your manager says no? Well, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. I have SEVEN tips on how you can better your chances of securing that bag and getting that promotion/raise you deserve!

How To Create A Media List That Secures Press For Your Clients

Life is a pitch. Literally. All day you are pitching yourself. To your clients, to your employers to your date. You are putting yourself in the best light to make a good impression and get results. You make sure your style is impeccable and your Instagram is poppin. You do all of that to ensure that people recognize your brand and associate it with something positive and respected.

How To Make The Most Of Networking Events

Is networking overrated? Well, yes and no. Let me explain. Networking events are made to be a place where you can connect with other professionals (or creatives depending on your industry) whether they on on your level or further along in their professional journey. You are there to meet new people and take those connections outside of that event to cultivate them, creating long lasting relationships.

Master The Follow Up

Ok so I’ve already told you about the necessity and magic of the “thank you email” after the interview. You’ve done your research about the company, you’ve given direct eye contact and picked out the perfect outfit that says, “I’m professional, but I came to slay”. The hiring manager said they would get in contact with you within a week and you know you killed it. So why haven’t they emailed or called?

Here Is Why You Shouldn't Quit Your Day Job

Everything isn’t for everybody. We are in a time where social media appearances don’t match reality. People are more concerned with flexing for the gram than really putting in the work to be successful in real life. Smoking mirrors aside, there is something to be said for all of those “entrepreneurs” and “business owners” who brag about not having a boss and being the boss. I myself own my own public relations agency… BUT let me tell you, it is not easy at all!

What You Need to Get Hired at a PR Agency

You’ve got amazing internship experience, compiled tons of well-researched media lists, and even drafted some pitches. That’s all great – but that won’t get you hired.

How to Crush It Post Interview

So you slayed your interview and you aced all the questions about how you handle challenges and what type of learner you are. All done right?